Contacts and campaigns


There are now climate jobs campaigns in several countries. These campaigns unite trade unions, environmental groups, political parties, NGOs and faith groups.

To find out more and get involved, contact globalclimatejobs[at], or

CANADA: Email Andrea Peart, Canadian Labour Congress, apeart[at] or Tony Clarke, Green Economy Network, tclarke[at]

NEW YORK STATE: Lara Skinner at lrs95[at]

MAURITIUS: email saichah[at]

NORWAY: Andreas Ytterstad at andreas.ytterstad[at]

PHILIPINES: Josua Mata at

PORTUGAL: email sinaneden[at]

SOUTH AFRICA: South African One Million Climate Jobs Campaign or email: sandra[at]

UNITED KINGDOM: UK One Million Climate Jobs Campaign, or email:  info[at], or findjonathan[at]


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