Livrete da Campanha pelos Empregos Climáticos

Thousands march through downtown Toronto during the Jobs, Justice & the Climate March on July 5th, 2015. The march was led by First Nations followed by frontline, impacted communities from across Toronto and beyond. The people were marching to call for action on climate change.

Climate March, Toronto, 2015.

[from] Temos de travar as alterações climáticas e temos de o fazer agora. Para isso vão ser precisos 150 milhões de novos empregos a nível mundial, com a duração de pelo menos 20 anos.

Atualmente existem campanhas em vários países que lutam por programas governamentais massivos de criação de empregos climáticos. A maioria começou com o apoio de sindicatos e todos estão a tentar construir uma aliança entre sindicatos, organizações ambientalistas, ONGs e organizações religiosas.

A primeira parte desta publicação explica de forma sucinta a ideia dos empregos climáticos, tal como é apresentada no livrete “Global Climate Jobs”. A segunda parte analisa e explica o contexto português em traços gerais, nomeadamente em relação ao clima, ao emprego, e às políticas no domínio das alterações climáticas.

Este é um trabalho em progresso. À medida que o movimento for crescendo, novos dados e estudos serão incluídos em versões melhoradas deste livrete.

Livrete disponível aqui: empregos-climaticos-em-portugal-livrete


Video: Som helt fersk klimakunnskapsminister / A rookie climate change minister

Youth organisations in Norway have made a campaign video for Climate Jobs. A new Fictional Climate and Knowledge Minister has been put to the task of creating 100,000 Climate Jobs. (It’s still fun to watch if you don’t speak Norwegian.)
Se første episode av serien om meg! Som helt fersk klimakunnskapsminister er det mye å ta tak i for å få fart på det grønne skiftet. Titusenvis av folk mister jobben i oljebransjen, og jeg må finne ut av hva vi skal leve av etter olja. Og selvfølgelig tester jeg framtidas klimajobber

Un million d’emplois verts: Défi pour les Canadiens et les Canadiennes

Quebec. April 2015

Quebec. April 2015

Au Canada, une alliance de groupes syndicaux, écologistes, confessionnels, de jeunesse, de défense de l’intérêt public et de membres des Premières nations s’est formée sous le nom de Réseau pour une économie verte afin de mettre en pratique les principes en question en incitant à la création d’un million d’emplois verts au Canada d’ici cinq ans. Continue reading

After Paris: Unify the fights against austerity and climate change

paris 1

Paris demonstration 12 December

Asbjørn Wahl writes: The Climate Summit in Paris has once again reminded us of how vulnerable we are on planet Earth. However, humanity is faced with a number of deep and challenging crises: economic, social, political, over food – and, of course, over climate change, which is threatening the very existence of millions of people. These crises have many of the same root causes, going to the core of our economic system.

Strong vested interests are involved. It is thus an interest-based struggle we are facing. All over the world, people are organizing and fighting against the effects of the crises. Trade unions are heavily involved in many of these struggles, and so are many other movements – single-issue as well as broader social movements. Increasingly, our entire social model, the way we produce and consume, is under question. The way out of these crises requires a system change and this can only be achieved if we are able considerably to shift the balance of power in society. This leaves us with the challenge of unifying movements and continuing struggles – particularly to bring anti-austerity together with the struggle against climate change. Continue reading

Floods: instant tiny climate action

Mini protest, Meramec River, Missouri

Mini protest, Meramec River, Missouri

There are floods all around.  The TV won’t mention climate change. Here is one thing you can do.

We are visiting family living  in the country just outside St. Louis, Missouri, in the US. Eureka, the small town at the bottom of our hill, is under water. Pacific, five miles away to the west, is under water. Valley Park, five miles to the east, is under water. Twenty four miles of  Interstate 44 are closed. The flood levels are the highest ever recorded. There is flooding all over the St. Louis area.

This is happening at the end of the hottest year on record. It is happening after a week of unprecedented weird weather in North America. There has been constant coverage of all this on local news channels. Our town is on national TV. They keep saying this is historic. No one says the words “climate change”. Continue reading

Floods, climate change and job cuts

fbu march

Fire Brigades Union march to defend jobs, 2013

Martin Empson, treasurer of the Campaign against Climate Change trade union group, reports from the UK. In 2015 Britain has seen repeated flooding causing large-scale damage. Tens of thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes, suffered days without power and seen their homes and businesses destroyed as storms repeatedly hit the country. In the latest bout of flooding, thousands of people in Manchester, Leeds and York have been hit, sometimes with the worst floods ever, as rivers broke banks.

Trade unions that represent workers in the emergency services have repeatedly warned of the impacts of austerity measures on their ability to deal with flooding and other severe weather. Continue reading