Corbyn and Klein on Climate Jobs

Jonathan Neale writes: Last night in Paris Jeremy Corbyn and Naomi Klein spoke to 800 people about trade unions and climate change. For me, the best moment was when Jeremy started his speech by saying ‘I want to hold this document up. It’s called One Million Climate Jobs’.

The meeting was sponsored by Trade Unions for Energy Democracy and the Global Climate Jobs Campaigns. This video from the ever wonderful Reelnews is 15 minutes of highlights of the meeting. From 8.56 to 12.40 you can hear Jeremy Corbyn, Clara Paillard of the climate jobs campaign in the UK, and Josua Mata of the climate jobs campaign in the Philippines, talking about climate jobs. And from 14.20 on is Jeremy’s powerful summing up.


Climate Jobs in Portugal

lisbon protest against unemployment 2010

Protest against unemployment, Lisbon, 2010

SINAN EDEN on the reasons for a new campaign in Portugal. Austerity has pulverized people’s lives, and climate jobs give them something to fight for, a way to say not only NO, but also YES. 

Climáximo is a recent collective in Portugal working on climate activism. The initial motivation for the formation of the group was the lack of grassroots activism in Portugal on climate change – activism that would put the struggle to the streets, with a strong emphasis on system change. In our less than one year of presence, our activities have ranged from youth outreach to university presentations, trainings, public debates, protests and direct actions. Continue reading